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We started as a small project as PixelExperience (PE) - FanEdition, based on PE for the Xiaomi Mi A2 on Android 10. Then various users and maintainers got interested in supporting this project. Now, we are trying to give you the best of Pixel Experience by adding some necessary practical features you always wanted in PE. This ROM entirely exists because of PE, thanks to them!

Created by Aryan Gupta, Founder of PixelExtended



Everything You've Always Wished For With Pixel Experience

> OOS (Oxygen OS) Styled Traffic Indicators
> VoLTE Icon Customization
> Smart Charging
> Adaptive Media Playback
> Notification Counter/Logs
> G-Visual Mod
> FOD (Fingerprint On Display) Customizations
> Status Bar Customizations
> Volume Panel Customizations
> LS (Lock Screen) Clock
> Switch Styles
> Tinted QS (Quick Settings) Tiles
> App Lock with Face Unlock
> QS Customizations
> Gesture Customizations
> New Accents/Fonts/Primary Colors

Meet Our Team

Aryan Gupta

Aryan Gupta




Source Maintainer

Immanuel Raj

Immanuel Raj

Device Manager

Aidan Warner

Aidan Warner

Web Developer


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Want To Maintain?

If you want to maintain this ROM for your device, send me a pm with your pex trees and screenshots.

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